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We specialize in boosting your team’s productivity twofold through our delivery of highly converting leads and live transfers. Our lead generation services guarantee exclusivity and confidentiality, offering opportunities primed for closure by your agents. With our dedicated marketing and quality assurance teams, we diligently identify leads tailored to your precise requirements

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The insurance sector is extremely competitive. Many firms are competing for the same clients, and whoever gets to them first has a massive advantage over everyone else. Insurance agents require leads but finding individuals interested in buying anything from them might be very difficult. CPL LEADS solves this problem by taking care of the hard work for you, by cold calling to identify interested prospects and qualifying them based on your specified criteria. Such as age, credit score, medical history, Etc., if they meet our eligibility requirements. Then, we can either set a call back for you or immediately transfer the live conversation to you if the client is qualified. These leads will boost your conversion rates by up to 300%. Our Strongest Verticals are : Final Expense Insurance, Medicare, Auto Insurance, Solar. We get hundreds of leads every day because we are a team of professionals with over ten years of experience in the field. We have 200+ telesales experts on staff who will dial for you to locate your next consumer. So you can stop worrying about anything else except closing your sales. It’s time for you to generate more conversions than ever before, so get in touch with us right away!



Maximizing ROI through affiliate marketing, lead generation, and pay-per-call,  maintaining brand identity 24/7.


We have over 6 years experience in the industry.One of the best ratings on the market – 98%

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We helped many companies boost their sales up to 60%.Our Leads & Live transfers are 100% Exclusive


To make sure that the lead is 100% prequalified we call every single lead

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At Tele Leads, our team comprises top-tier professionals spanning content creators, web designers, and SEO specialists. We thrive on collective synergy, leveraging each other’s expertise to deliver unparalleled quality. Success is our hallmark, achieved through collaboration and mutual support, amplifying our strengths and mitigating weaknesses. Join us and witness the transformative power of unified teamwork