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I just got my leads what should I do now?

Now you can go ahead and start dialing or Door Knocking! Call the leads on the give call back time for a better response.

What leads are better Statewide or countywide?

If you are a Telesales Agent and have a low budget then we will prefer you try our statewide leads. 

If you’d prefer setting appointments or Door Knocking then we would prefer you use our Countywide Leads.

What's better door knocking or setting?

If you can easily door knock then it’s way better! But If you hate to travel that much then set an appointment. 

The lead is not picking up the phone?

If the leads doesn’t pick up then try a different time preferred in the evening or early morning. If still you don’t get a response then it’s door knock them.

how to set an appointment?

Be professional, polite and bit cool over the phone. If the client doesn’t recognize or remember the call then go over the information you have until they remember!

Can I ask you for advice?

You are always welcome to give us a call or live chat with us anytime.

Final Expense Appointment setting script

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! Is this Mr. (Full Name)? I hope your enjoying your day? I am State Licensed agent for the state of (STATE),  Pause! Just following up with on the Final Expense information you requested. Just wanted to give you brief recap of what one of my rep spoke to you about. So, The state of (state) has regulated a New Final Expense Insurance Program. This is a great life insurance policy that is designed to cover all off your funeral expenses or other debts you might have. So, You said you are (age) year old right? Perfect! So, I would be out in your Neighbourhood giving out some information to some of your neighbours as well. Would you be free at the afternoon(give your specific availability)? 


So, I am looking forward to meet you at (time) to discuss some options about Final Expense Life Insurance Insurance Program!

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