Terms and conditions

TELELEADS.NET agrees to provide Leads to Buyer and Buyer agrees to receive Leads from TELELEADS.NET. Buyer will pay a fee for each Lead provided to Buyer by TELELEADS.NET as set forth in Exhibit A. Buyer agrees that Buyer shall only use the Leads or contact individuals identified in the Leads in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Buyer furthers agrees that Buyer shall not (1) send anything violent, threatening, pornographic, racist, hateful, or otherwise objectionable, (2) infringe on anyone’s intellectual property rights, defame anyone, impersonate anyone, or otherwise violate the rights of a third party, (3) hack, crack, phish, SQL inject, or otherwise compromise the security or integrity of anyone, or (4) take any acts or omit to take any acts that would cause harm to TELELEADS.NET or any individuals identified in the Leads. Buyer will disclose Lead Info only to its employees, officers, agents and any third parties (i) who have a need to know such Lead information for the purpose of responding to the Leads request; (ii) who are informed and educated on all legal restrictions on the use of the Leads; (iii) comply with all state and federal laws, and any other applicable laws or regulations. Buyer is responsible for ensuring compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations regarding its purchase and use of the Leads. Buyer will maintain records of and provide contact information for all individuals who request no further solicitation or contact for purposes of soliciting the products offered, in accordance with all state and federal laws and regulations (the “Opt Out List”). Buyer will provide TELELEADS.NET with the Opt Out List to ensure TELELEADS.NET knows when individuals identified in the Leads request no further solicitations. Buyer further agrees to cooperate with TELELEADS.NET, and provide any information requested by TELELEADS.NET for compliance or security purposes upon TELELEADS.NET’s request. Buyer represents and warrants is it not (1) in violation of any embargoes, export controls, or other laws of the United States or other countries having jurisdiction over this Agreement, TELELEADS.NET, or Buyer, (2) the person or entity executing this Agreement has the authority to bind Buyer, (3) Buyer will provide TELELEADS.NET with personal information, payment information, and other information TELELEADS.NET deems necessary to provide you with the Leads. Each party shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the other party and their respective directors, officers, and employees from and against any and all losses, claims, damages (compensatory and punitive), liabilities and expenses, including reasonable costs of investigation and legal counsel fees and disbursements, which may be imposed upon or incurred by the other party as the result of any breach by the other party of this Agreement. No cash refunds will be given, service will be honored with pre-paid funds. This Agreement represents the entire agreement of the parties and may be amended only by a writing signed by each of them. It supersedes any agreements, written or oral, by and between the parties. Any failure of a party to comply with any obligation, covenant, agreement or condition herein may be expressly waived in writing by the other party, but such waiver or failure to insist upon strict compliance with such obligation, covenant, agreement or condition shall not operate as a waiver of, or stopples with respect to, any subsequent or other failure. Buyer may not assign this Agreement without the prior written consent of TELELEADS.NET. This Agreement shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of FLORIDA, without giving effect to the conflict-of-laws principles thereof. In no event shall either party be liable for any delay or failure on its part to perform under this Agreement, except for the failure to pay any money due to the other party, that is due to causes beyond the reasonable control of such party, including acts of God, war, explosion, fire, flood, or civil disturbance. The prevailing party in any dispute arising under or regarding this Agreement shall be entitled to an award of their attorneys’ fees and costs.

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