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The insurance sector is extremely competitive. Many firms are competing for the same clients, and whoever gets to them first has a massive advantage over everyone else. Insurance agents require leads but finding individuals interested in buying anything from them might be very difficult. Tele LEADS solves this problem by taking care of the hard work for you, by cold calling to identify interested prospects and qualifying them based on your specified criteria. Such as age, credit score, medical history, Etc., if they meet our eligibility requirements. Then, we can either set a call back for you or immediately transfer the live conversation to you if the client is qualified. These leads will boost your conversion rates by up to 300%. Our Strongest Verticals are : Final Expense Insurance, Medicare, Auto Insurance, Solar. We get hundreds of leads every day because we are a team of professionals with over ten years of experience in the field. We have 200+ telesales experts on staff who will dial for you to locate your next consumer. So you can stop worrying about anything else except closing your sales. It’s time for you to generate more conversions than ever before, so get in touch with us right away!


We help you double the productivity of your team by sending them high converting leads and live transfers. We offer lead generation services that are 100% private and exclusive and are ready to be closed by your agents. Our marketing & Quality assurance team works hard finding the right leads for you that fit your specific criteria

Our services are all meant to assist you in generating more sales possibilities. Pay only for each actual appointment. To get the maximum return on investment, directly talk with the consumer

One Call Can Make A World Of Difference! That’s why we offer one-stop shopping for lead generation, double verified calls with opt-in data that convert at about 25%. Plus

If you want to free up your time and energy, we can help with an outsourced customer service department. With flat hourly costs that include all expenses, it’s hard not to think


Our Projects

Customer Service Optimization

Projects within customer service operations focus on optimizing efficiency, training personnel, implementing technology, and enhancing communication channels to ensure seamless support and elevate customer satisfaction

Medicare Leads

Medicare provides essential healthcare coverage for millions, ensuring access to vital medical services and prescription drugs

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance safeguards vehicles and drivers, providing financial protection against accidents, theft, and other unforeseen risks on the road

Solar Leads

Solar leads drive sustainable energy adoption, fostering environmental responsibility and energy independence also satisfaction

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